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Breed: Labradoodle 

Gender: Female

Age: 10 Weeks


Labradoodles are smart and sociable dogs, affectionate with both adults and children, and also pets. They are friendly, energetic, very intelligent, and always ready to play. They love water and they are good swimmers, just like their parents. Being versatile family and therapy dogs, Labradoodles are devoted and enthusiastic, with an eagerness to please that makes training quite easy. People usually say Labradoodles have the energy of a Labrador and the work ethics of both Labradors and Poodles.







Ready to go home October 31.


How do we give you the puppy?

Puppies well come with vaccinations that are accurate for the age of puppy, It will also come Microchipped and dewormed.

It will also come with a health certificate for a license north carolina veterinary. 

You will also get a little to go bag with puppy essentials such as ( Puppy bow, Puppy blanket, Puppy collar,puppy toy, and a sample of what we are feeding the puppy for transition.

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